SAM - ...Bring Vir Elvis Terug

...Bring Vir Elvis Terug

September 2002, Rhythm, RR034

See also Billygoat


  1. Die Judas Express
  2. Disko Koning
  3. Bring Vir Elvis Terug mp3
  4. Drome
  5. Verduidelik
  6. Spookhuis
  7. Vassit Op Die Vlaktes mp3
  8. Dryfsand
  9. Die Son Sal Môre Kom


  • Parri Meyer: vocals
  • Vuyishwa Mtshali and Tutu Mwandla: backing vocals
  • Henry Steele: guitar
  • Schalk van der Merwe: bass
  • Tim Rankin: drums
  • Simon Orange: keyboards

Press Release
September 2002:

Amidst all the media coverage surrounding "pop idols" and arguments flying to and fro regarding the use of backtracks, we find Abel sitting in his outlying dorpie wishing: "Please bring Elvis back!"

The CD " Bring vir Elvis terug" is the soundtrack of the Afrikaans Rock Cabaret created by Schalk van der Merwe ( Delta Blue) en Parri ( previously from Billygoat ) All tracks are original compositions by Schalk van der Merwe. The CD is on Rhythm Records label and distribution done by Bowline.

The musicians involved in this production go by the name SAM ( Surface to Air Music). Members consist of: Parri ( Vocals ); Vuyishwa Mtshali and Tutu Mwandla ( backing vocals ); Henry Steele ( guitar ); Schalk van der Merwe ( Bass ); Tim Rankin (drums) and Simon Orange ( keyboards )

The story is staged in an old outlying dorpie. Abel was born to rock in Afrikaans. His father lost fame in a Pop Idol competition years ago to winner Durt Farren. He undermines Abel`s interest in writing music and actually bans all music in the household. The only way in which Abel can live his passion is through dreams and visions of his music.

The big day arives: Durt Farren comes to perform in their little town. Abel is also invited to show off his talent. The venue is packed; a silhouette appears on stage. The backdoor of the hall bursts open…

"Bring vir Elvis terug" will be staged at Aardklop National Arts Festival in September and will be see in other venues throughout the country shortly!


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