Sons Of Trout - Odd Times

Odd Times

November 2001, SAFM, CDVM 39

Sons Of Trout


  1. Extra Larry mp3
  2. 2face
  3. Odd Times
  4. (021)
  5. Otherside
  6. Trip
  7. Hollywood
  8. Fashion
  9. Three and a half
  10. Crown
  11. Jeff mp3
  12. Fools
  13. Day2day


  • Mike Rennie (Renwah): vocals, violin
  • Mike Hardy: vocals, sax
  • Jason Rosenstein: drums
  • Nick Turner: vocals, guitar
  • Mark Noak: guitars

  • Schalk Joubert: bass
  • Simon Orange: keyboards
  • Barry van Zyl: percussion
  • Kiek Doman: didgeridoo
  • Morné Smit: bass
  • Tasha Baxter: vocals
  • Lee Thompson: trumpet


Having rocked right through the good times, and having made it through hard and down times, Sons of Trout have spent some important time looking inside. After a three-year recording hiatus they've come up with the exceptional "Odd Times" released by National Radio Station, SAfm. As one of the country's foremost rock/pop bands, Sons of Trout continue to make a substantial contribution to quality, original South African music.

"Odd Times" is the work of a more mature, assured Sons of Trout. Always distinctive for their musical ingenuity, "Odd Times" sees the band stretch their considerable talents, and at the same time, deliver a more cohesive and accessible sound.

Musically, lyrically and in terms of production value, "Odd Times" is all round, without doubt the group's strongest offering to date. In true Sons of Trout style, they're giving their own unique take on the world. But it's a take that's coherently going beyond carefree-cars-and-girls and presenting a discernible commentary on living in South Africa in the 21st century.

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