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January 2000

'Cheating', a track from the new work-in-progress album 'Just Another Band', is played on 5FM on Sunday night the 23 January on the Dinosaur Days radio show.

Phil Wright: "very impressive stuff"
Leon Economides: "hit written all over it...".

February 2000

The new album, 'Just Another Band', is well under way and will probably contain three instrumental tracks and eight or nine vocal tracks.

The new album is slightly different in the sense that the songs have been written for Judy specifically to sing.

It also features a song that was written by Garth, Peter and Tony in Boss back in 1981 called 'Cheating'. Peter and Marion Brown have re-written the lyrics for the song.

Marion, a friend of the band, collaborated on a few other songs as well with regard to the lyrics.
-- Peter Hanmer

June 2000

8 June: 'Just Another Band' released.

11 June, 11.30pm: Peter interviewed on 5FM by Phil Wright and Leon Economides. 4 songs are played: 'Cheating', 'Do You Believe', 'Blueprint' and 'Creatures of Mood'.

14 June: 'Cheating' played on SAFM at about 10.45am after the SA Rock Digest phone interview with Digest co-editor, Stephen Segerman.

'Just Another Band' is CD of the week (12 - 16 June) on Rafe Levine's afternoon show, PM Jive on SAFM.

After the album was played on SAFM the response was good in that we were given exposure to listeners that never knew that we existed. The response however was not good from other radio stations. 5FM however did interview us after the album was released. We were also rated at number 8 on the Dinosaur Days albums of the year for 2000. 'Just Another Band' was number 18 in the SA Rock Digest Albums of the Year for 2000.

The response was quite different overseas. The Dutch magazine "Strutterzine" interviewed the band and posted it up on the site. The interview attracted a lot of interest and we were selling CDs from the website as well as receiving emails from all over the world. (Norway, Sweden, Germany, Japan and America) We were reviewed in Rock Report magazine as well as a few others in Europe. All of these reviews were good and they helped us gain some kind of base in Europe.


Once again we were able to cover our costs for the album and had plans to start the next album Judy unfortunately informed us that she was emigrating to Australia at the end of the year. Her husband had been transferred. This was a huge setback as Judy had fitted in perfectly with the format that we had.

February 2001

In the meantime I began a project with a singer (Sherry-Lee Jones) that would eventually become a side project to Off the Edge. The band is entitled Age of Innocence and our debut album is called 'Nowhere Land'. The style is very much in the direction of bands like Renaissance and other soft rock influences. The album took about a year to record and it kept me busy without having to think of a replacement for Judy.


A friend of mine eventually gave me a contact number for a singer by the name of Giselle and told me to contact her as he thought that she might fit in with what we wanted to do. Giselle (Mynhardt, born 30th May 1964) was very enthusiastic and she joined us in February 2001. She has brought in her own style, very different to Judy. We've finished the first song (entitled 'Hold On') for the new album 'Unfinished Business' and are busy with new tracks at present.

'Hold On' played on Dinosaur Days radio show on 3rd June 2001. Great response from Leon Economides and Phil Wright. Listen to an MP3 of their comments here...

March 2002

11 March: Pre-release review appears in SA Rock Digest

17 March: 'Riff Valley' played on Dinosaur Days.

June 2002

Unfinished Business released.

March 2003

New line-up announced. See Family Tree.

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