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Glass Top Coffin: Thoughts and Theories
by Tenebris Light, 12 June 2002

Please feel free to use any of my ideas/theories on your website as long asyou can make it clear that these are just ideas.

Tutankhamun If I remember correctly the Egyptian Government allowed the mummy ofTutankhamun to be inspected and x-rayed in the 1960s by some Englisharchaeologists and in the process the glass sheet covering the tomb wasbroken and a replacement was donated by an English glassmaking company as agift. Perhaps Ramases read or heard of this from the UK media? (I don't havethe reference for this to hand, but I could look this up for you if you areinterested - I studied Egyptology.)

Here is the reference to the replacement of the glass top on Tutankhamun'scoffin:

The Egyptian Government gave permission to R.G. Harrison, professor ofanatomy at the University of Liverpool, to examine the mummy and Harrisonand his team opened the coffin on December 4th 1968:

'When Howard Carter [the original discoverer of the tomb] had returned thecoffin to the sarcophagus forty-two years earlier, he replaced the cover ofthe sarcophagus with a protective sheet of glass 6 mm thick. Just as Carterhad struggled within the confines of the tomb to disassemble the shrines andcoffins, Harrison and his team reported that removing the sheet of glass''was no mean task in the confines of the tomb''. During the operation, onecorner of the sheet was broken off; a British firm replaced the glass freeof charge with a sheet of its 10 mm armour-plate glass.'
[From: The Search for the Gold of Tutankhamen, by Arnold C Brackman. MasonCharter Publishers Inc 1976.]

I don't know which Egyptian 'Ramases' Ramases the musician thought he wasthe reincarnation of (I imagine it was Ramases II, 'Ramases The Great' as heis the most famous of them) but it would be interesting to know. There isquite a line of musicians inspired by Ancient Egypt such as the jazz artisteSun Ra.

Snow White

'They [the 7 dwarves] laid her [Snow White] on a bier, and allseven of them sat down beside it and mourned over her. They all wept forthree whole days, and then they intended to bury her, but she looked soalive and still had such pretty red cheeks that they said; ''We can'tpossibly bury her in the dingy ground.'''Instead, they made a transparent glass coffin so that she could be seenfrom all sides. Then they put her in it, wrote her name on it in goldletters, and added that she was a princess. They carried the coffin to thetop of the mountain, and from then on one of them always stayed beside itand guarded it.....'
[From The Complete Fairy Tales of The Brothers Grimm,translated into English by Jack Zipes, Bantam Books 1987]