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The RockIt Scientist
on 1485 Radio Today

1485 Radio Today
Also on DStv
Audio Channel 70

The RockIt Scientist is a very diverse music programme that features Progressive/ Hard/ Classic Rock, Blues, Brass Rock, Latin/ African Rock, Jazz and Metal music.

As "non-commercial/ non-Top 40" music ranging from the mid sixties to the present day is featured, the intention is to cater for the more discerning music listener, with no age limits or restrictions imposed or implied. An open mind and a love of music is mandatory!

The programme, which is broadcast on 1485am Radio Today, every Friday evening between 10pm and 1am, is presented by Leon Economides, who has worked with radio greats such as Tony Sanderson (Chuckle and Chat Show on Radio 5), Chris Prior (The Priority Feature on Radio 5), Phil Wright (The Dinosaur Days on 5fm), and Rafe Lavine (Rock Classics and The Great Unknowns on Radio 5, and the original RockIt Scientists on SAfm).

Radio Today is also available nationwide on the DStv Audio Channel 70.

The RockIt Scientist went live on air on Wednesday the 31st August 2005.

Rock On Radio Today

Rockfest on 1485 Radio Today


Marq Vas ("Ride Hard Ride South African!") - 09.00pm to midnight

Rosemary Royeppen ("Rock 'n Rhythm") - midnight to 01.00am

Live crossing to the BBC - 01.00am to 06.00am


David Blood ("In Your Vein") - 10.00pm to midnight

Rosemary Royeppen ("Rock 'n Rhythm") - midnight to 01.00am

Live crossing to the BBC - 01.00am to 06.00am


Lesley Chase ("In Hot Pursuit") - 08.00pm to 10.00pm

Melanie Walker and Nicole de Gruchy ("Solid Blonde") - 10.00pm to midnight

Rosemary Royeppen ("Rock 'n Rhythm") - midnight to 01.00am

Live crossing to the BBC - 01.00am to 06.00am


Rosemary Royeppen ("Rock 'n Rhythm") - 09.00pm to 10.00pm

Steve Kirker ("The Eternal Apprentice") - 10.00pm to midnight

Live crossing to the BBC - 01.00am to 06.00am


Rafe Lavine ("Hot Dog Radio") - 08.00pm to 10.00pm

Leon Economides ("The RockIt Scientist") - 10.00pm to 01.00am

Live crossing to the BBC - 01.00am to 06.00am


Andrew Levy ("Rock Roots") - 08.00pm to 09.00pm

Live crossing to the BBC - 01.00am to 06.00am


Chris Prior ("The Rock Professor") - 08.00pm to 10.00pm

Phil Wright ("The Metalhead") - 10.00pm to midnight

Rosemary Royeppen ("Rock 'n Rhythm") - midnight to 01.00am

Live crossing to the BBC - 01.00am to 06.00am

Visit RockFest On Radio Today for more info.

Rockfest on 1485 Radio Today

All the news is archived in the News Archive



Yep, it's been quite a while since the last RockIt Scientist newsletter, for which I apologize. I won't say that some of us work for a living - I used that excuse the last time!

This is the first of the "new look" (much shortened!) newsletters that will be going out, hopefully on a weekly, or, more probably, on a fortnightly basis, time permitting. The newsletter will include the previous Friday's playlist, as well as a few other odds and sods, such as snippets of news, new/recent CD & DVD releases etc.

The Rockfest on 1485 Radio Today is very sorry to say goodbye to Marc Latilla, who will unfortunately no longer be presenting his "Unsung" show on Thursday evenings between midnight and 01.00pm. We're very grateful to him for his contributions to The Rockfest and to Radio Today and we wish him all the best for the future, especially since Marc and his wife Fiona are expecting their second bambino early next year.

Marc's replacement will be announced shortly.

We're also very happy to announce that Jimmy's Killer Prawns have joined The Rockfest as a sponsor. We're very grateful to them for their support, as we are to Wild & Marr for the fantastic new CD players. Now if only we can find someone to service those damned 8 track machines...........!

Had a live interview with the guys from very promising SA metal act Inersha a few weeks ago. Remember the name - they're going places. Listen out for many more live interviews with other exciting and promising (and established!) bands/artists in the weeks to come on The RockIt Scientist.

I've been waxing lyrical about Gordon's Suitcase, who I've been hearing great things about. I finally got a copy of the album, (thanks, Jess!), and I've got to tell you that this jazz outfit are undoubtedly one of the best of the genre I've heard for a long time in South Africa! I'll be featuring them on The RockIt Scientist on Friday 18th August, with, hopefully, a live interview in the near future.

Other great recent South African releases you need to check out, and that you've heard and can expect to continue hearing on The RockIt Scientist in the weeks to come, are:

Wickhead - A Crush on Revelation (Authentic Ideas)

Misericord - Another End (Alterego)

Deity's Muse - The Eyes Don't See What The Heart Bleeds (ENT Entertainment)

Robin Auld - Diamond Of a Day (Bowline)

The Hellphones - This Is How (Sheer)

Orkez - In Opsomming (Bowline)

Falling Short - Feel Free To Complain (Swinton Records)

Stean ennie Crank-shafts - Tla! (Bowline)

Jan Blom - 'n Stille Runaway (Bowline)

Gian Groen - Lied Van Die Engele (Bowline)

Holly & The Woods - 2 track EP

Check your local press (or listen to The RockIt Scientist every Friday night between 10.00pm and 01.00am!) for details of live gigs, etc.

As our own Metalhead, Phil Wright, has been saying for years: "Get out and support good, original South African music!"

Other new/recent releases you can expect to hear on The RockIt Scientist in the near future:

Mandrill - Live at Montreux 2002

Cactus - V

Survivor - Reach

Leslie West - Blue Me

From Behind - Game Over (oddly enough, not from Greece. Sweden, actually)

Glenn Hughes - Music For The Divide

Rhino Bucket - And Then It Got Ugly

Mother's Finest - Live at Villa Berg

.....and a whole lot more, as well as the usual smattering of known, as well as rare and forgotten gems that no-one knows!

Thanks to Annalise De Meillon-Muller, Jessica Schnehage, Alex Zarmakoupis, Kenny Tlale, Melissa Conradie, Liny Kruger and Johan Drotskie for introducing me to to some great South African and foreign music.

To Gerard Ziegler, Paul Gibbs and Julie Du Preez. People like you are very rare and very special.

If you haven't yet joined The Rockfest Club, why not? You can download the application form via the Rockfest website. Your support in helping to keep The Rockfest on the airwaves is really appreciated. There are some fantastic prizes up for grabs, my personal favourite being a free weekend stay at Hotel Nigeria in Hillbrow. Second prize is a whole week stay at Hotel Nigeria, with a dinner of your choice, with any one of ten druglords. A bullet proof vest, a helmet, a prayer book and running shoes will be supplied free of charge to the first person who can say "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" backwards after having listened to five hours of kwaito or techno music at full volume.

Yes, I know...it's getting late.

Check out last week's playlist (which will also be posted on the "Playlists" page)

See ya.


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