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The RockIt Scientist
on 1485 Radio Today

1485 Radio Today
Also on DStv
Audio Channel 70

The RockIt Scientist is a very diverse music programme that features Progressive/ Hard/ Classic Rock, Blues, Brass Rock, Latin/ African Rock, Jazz and Metal music.

As "non-commercial/ non-Top 40" music ranging from the mid sixties to the present day is featured, the intention is to cater for the more discerning music listener, with no age limits or restrictions imposed or implied. An open mind and a love of music is mandatory!

The programme, which is broadcast on 1485am Radio Today, every Friday evening between 10pm and 1am, is presented by Leon Economides, who has worked with radio greats such as Tony Sanderson (Chuckle and Chat Show on Radio 5), Chris Prior (The Priority Feature on Radio 5), Phil Wright (The Dinosaur Days on 5fm), and Rafe Lavine (Rock Classics and The Great Unknowns on Radio 5, and the original RockIt Scientists on SAfm).

Radio Today is also available nationwide on the DStv Audio Channel 70.


Rare Earth

Great Funky Swamp Rock (5 stars)
by Brian Currin

This imaginatively titled album is a collection of greatest hits re-recorded by the 2004 line-up of Gil Bridges, Randy Burghdoff, Ivan Greilick, Mike Bruner and Floyd Stokes. I emailed Gil Bridges in December 2005 and this was his reply: "The recording is the current band the exact way the show is played today." So if you are looking for a compilation of Rare Earth originals then this is not it. However, as much as I normally dislike albums that feature tracks "re-recorded by at least one member of the original group", especially if it was only the tambourine player, this is a wonderful CD featuring Rare Earth classics given a new lease on life. All these songs are just so funky and they really groove and stand up well against the originals. I downloaded the whole album (legally from eMusic.com) and I really don't regret it. 'Get Ready' features a drum solo and is my favourite song off this album, but all of them are great.


  • 1. Big Brother [5:14]
  • 2. Born To Wander [7:03]
  • 3. Papa Was A Rolling Stone [7:01]
  • 4. Ma [7:32]
  • 5. Tobacco Road [7:44]
  • 6. Losin' You [12:41]
  • 7. Get Ready [13:31]
  • 8. I Just Want To Celebrate [6:36]
  • 9. Big John [7:45]

Download this album legally from eMusic.com

Available to purchase online at Rare Earth.

Email from Gil Bridges, 27 December 2005 after reading my review

Hey Brian. Thanks for your thumbs up on this CD. You're the first opinion we've heard and we are very happy with what you had to say. You have the members correct and you can quote anything in my e-mails. We are working on a new CD with all new material mostly written from within the band. We hope to have it done by May of 2006. We possibly might put a few of the new tunes on our web site for download just for a preview. By the way, because I play tamborine I have to say I also play sax, flute, sing lead vocals on "Ma", "Big Brother" and "I just want to celebrate" and background vocals on all songs. Thanks again for the great review and God Bless.

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