Buffalo featuring Peter Vee



  • Born To Wild 12" single (1978) Bullet, BU 543:
    1.Born To Be Wild Medley (including Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' & Mony, Mony)
    2.Born To Be Wild
  • Magic Carpet Ride/ Let's Work Together (1979) Bullet, B 171


  • Born To Be Wild (1978) Bullet
  • Magic Carpet Ride (1979) Bullet, BU (L) 552
  • We're So Glad You Made It (1980) Bullet, BU (L) 567
  • The Best Of Buffalo (1980), MFP, MFP 56008
  • Wild Thing (1981) Gallo, ML5404
  • Born To Be Wild (1990) Steel Street, STEEL (O) 5
  • Gold (1995) EMI, CDGOLD (WB) 12
    CD compilation of first 2 albums

Peter Vee's real name is Peter Paoliello. Here's the story...

My real surname Paoliello (pronounced Pow Lee Ello) was difficult for people who worked with my Dad to pronounce. To shorten it to Mr. P(ee) would have been (possibly) disrespectful. Theydecided to refer to him as Mr V. His Christian name was Vincent. When Istarted playing in bands, my friends heard others referring to my Dad asMr. V and decided to refer to me as Peter V. The extra two e's were added foreffect. Now you have the full story.
-- Peter Vee, October 2002

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