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The online South African Rock Encyclopedia covers the history of South African rock music from the 1950s up to the early 2000s. All this information is made freely available to the public.

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A list of South Africa's Rock Legends compiled by Brian Currin, July 2001, updated June 2008.

I've listed representative songs for each artist; either their most well-known song / biggest hit and / or my personal favourite.

Brian Currin, July 2001
  1. The A-Cads - Hungry For Love, Roadrunner
  2. Asylum Kids – Fight It With Your Mind, Schoolboy*, No No No No
  3. Robin Auld – Baby You've Been Good To Me, All Of Woman, Perfect Day
  4. Ballyhoo – Man On The Moon
  5. Baxtop – Jo Bangles 
  6. Big Sky - Waiting For The Dawn, Slow Dancing
  7. Piet Botha – Goeienag Generaal, Sien Jou Weer, Jacob Klipkop
  8. Bright Blue – Weeping, Window On The World*
  9. Circus - Conquistador 
  10. Johnny Clegg - Kilimanjaro (with Juluka), Scatterlings of Africa (with Savuka)
  11. Dog Detachment – Waiting For A Miracle* 
  12. Lesley Rae Dowling – Grips Of Emotion, The Spaniard 
  13. Ella Mental – See Yourself (Clowns)* 
  14. éVoid – Shadows, Taximan* 
  15. Falling Mirror – Johnny Calls The Chemist, Making Out With Granny 
  16. Freedoms Children – 1999, That Did It, Your Father's Eyes, Medals Of Bravery
  17. Crocodile Harris - Give Me The Good News, Miss Eva Goodnight 
  18. Hawk – Here Comes The Sun, African Day, Africa
  19. Hotline – You're So Good To Me, So Cold
  20. John Ireland – You're Living Inside My Head
  21. Jack Hammer – Street of Love, Sarajevo, Mr Midnight, Mozambique
  22. Just Jinger - Sugar Man, Like You Madly
  23. Koos Kombuis – Who Killed Kurt Cobain 
  24. Julian Laxton - Celebrate, Blue Water
  25. Little Sister – No Man Shall Fall, Dear Abbie 
  26. Mauritz Lotz – Six String Razor 
  27. McCully Workshop - Buccaneer, Chinese Junkman
  28. Morocko – Bowtie Boogaloo
  29. Otis Waygood Blues Band - Fever, I Can't Keep From Crying
  30. Peach - Nightmare, Complicated Game*
  31. Rabbitt – Hold On To Love, Charlie, Hard Ride
  32. Radio Rats – ZX Dan 
  33. Margaret Singana – Tribal Fence
  34. Neill Solomon – Roxy Lady
  35. Stingray – Better The Devil You Know
  36. Suck – Aimless Lady, The Whip
  37. Sweatband – This Boy* 
  38. The Spectres – Be Bop Pop, Teddy Bear*
  39. Tribe After Tribe – Damsel (As I Went Out One Morning)* 
  40. Via Afrika – Hey Boy*

Honourable mentions

* Tracks released on Rocking Against The System CD in March 2002.


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