site under construction CD cover
Peter Hanmer: Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bass Clint Cunningham: All Main Vocals
Dave Sharp: Hammond C3, Pianos, Synthesisers Sherry Jones: Backing vocals


  1. Virtual Highway (Instrumental) (Sharp) [4.19]
  2. Taking It To Extremes (Sharp/Hanmer) [4.39]
  3. Written In The Sand (Hanmer) [5.07]
  4. That Ain't How It Works (Hawla) [4.30]
  5. Only If It Rains (Hanmer) [5.12] mp3
  6. Site Under Construction (Cunningham/Hanmer) [5.59] mp3
  7. Time Will Tell (Cunningham/Hanmer/Jones) [5.07]
  8. Rock Bottom (Cunningham) [4.31]
  9. Everything Goes, part 1 (instrumental) (Sharp) [5.03]
  10. Off The Edge (Hanmer/ Groenewald/ Fisher) [5.45]
  11. Everything Goes, part 2 (instrumental) (Sharp) [2.40]
  12. Access Denied (Hanmer) [0.50]

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  • Peter Hanmer: Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Drum Sequences
  • Clint Cunningham: All Main Vocals
  • Dave Sharp: Hammond C3, Pianos, Synthesisers, Bass, Drum Sequences, Alto Saxophone
  • Sherry Jones: Backing vocals

Release information:

March 2004

Recorded at Foxglove Sound Studios, Johannesburg, South Africa.

CD Launch, 14th August 2004

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by Mark J. Gorrie
Moderator and Founder of "The Watering Hole" Guitar Forum - USA

I thought the days of great rock vocalists accompanied by guitars, keyboards and solos from each were over. Then I got my copy of Off The Edge's 'Site Under Construction' CD and realized that if they were over, they are definitely making a revival with a vengence!

Each song of the dozen tunes on Site Under Construction has not disappointed me in any way, and are very reminiscent of the melodic guitar rock of the 80s. Clint's soulful vocals are a breath of fresh air these days where numetal rules the airwaves, and each tune has kept me humming it long after it has ended. Peter's rhythm and lead guitar work is melodic and works well with the keyboards.

The CD is loaded with both keyboard and guitar solos, and the lyrics on each of these well-written tunes gives the songs special meaning to me. There are even a few instrumentals meshed into the collection that are simply breathtaking.

I was not disappointed by anything on this latest offering by Off The Edge, and strongly recommend it for those who loved the guitar oriented rock bands of the 80s like Bon Jovi and Journey.

by Brian Currin, 29th March 2004

The long-awaited follow-up to 2002's 'Unfinished Business' by Off The Edge is now available. This new CD is titled 'Site Under Construction', which is very appropriate, as Off The Edge is not really a gigging band and sell most of their CD's online through their own website and the One World online music store (and mostly overseas to fans as far away as Germany and Japan).

Off The Edge celebrated their 20th anniversary last year and founder member Peter Hanmer brought original keyboardist Dave Sharp (also known for his work with 80's band Feather Control) back into the fold. Due to geographical differences, another founder and long-time member, bassist Tony Groenewald, was not able to be involved with this lastest project.

After 3 albums with a female-led rock sound, 'Site Under Construction' goes back to Off The Edge's roots by bringing in a male voice. And what a voice! Clint Cunningham comes from the '80's School of Rock {sorry, that term is now copyrighted - ed.} vocalists and has been likened to David Coverdale, but on the ballads he sounds more like Jackson Browne. Sherry Lee Jones from Peter Hanmer's 'Age Of Innocence' side-project provides beautiful backing vocals through-out.

The songs range in style from guitar and keyboard work-outs ('Everything Goes', featuring Sharp on an original Hammond C3 and alto sax) to rock ballads ('Rock Bottom' and 'Written In The Sand') and crunching rock sounds (The title track and 'Off The Edge', re-recorded here, after appearing on the first Off The Edge album in 1983).

Another constant factor with Off The Edge is their superb album covers created by Mark Raats and this one is no exception. The CD cover graphic art is really stunning and all the lyrics are included in the 6-page booklet.

Off The Edge fans (and there are lot of them) will love this album, and fans of well-produced Melodic Rock and Nu-Prog will find a lot to like here. Highly recommended.


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