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The RockIt Scientist
on 1485 Radio Today

1485 Radio Today
Also on DStv
Audio Channel 70

The RockIt Scientist is a very diverse music programme that features Progressive/ Hard/ Classic Rock, Blues, Brass Rock, Latin/ African Rock, Jazz and Metal music.

As "non-commercial/ non-Top 40" music ranging from the mid sixties to the present day is featured, the intention is to cater for the more discerning music listener, with no age limits or restrictions imposed or implied. An open mind and a love of music is mandatory!

The programme, which is broadcast on 1485am Radio Today, every Friday evening between 10pm and 1am, is presented by Leon Economides, who has worked with radio greats such as Tony Sanderson (Chuckle and Chat Show on Radio 5), Chris Prior (The Priority Feature on Radio 5), Phil Wright (The Dinosaur Days on 5fm), and Rafe Lavine (Rock Classics and The Great Unknowns on Radio 5, and the original RockIt Scientists on SAfm).

Radio Today is also available nationwide on the DStv Audio Channel 70.

The RockIt Scientist went live on air on Wednesday the 31st August 2005.

Rock On Radio Today


8.00pm to 10.00pm:
Rafe Lavine
(Hot Dog Radio)
(Rafe's show is now repeated between 11.00pm and 01.00am on Mondays)

10.00pm to midnight:
Leon Economides
(The RockIt Scientist)
(Leon's show is now repeated between 11.00pm and 01.00am on Tuesdays)


8.00pm to 10.00pm:
Chris Prior
(The Rock Professor)
(Chris's show is repeated between 10.00pm and midnight on Wednesdays)

10.00pm to midnight:
Phil Wright
(The Metalhead)
(Phil's show is repeated between 10.30pm and 12.30am on Thursdays - unchanged)


9.00pm to 11.00pm:
David Blood
(In Your Vein!)
(Details of David's repeat show to be advised soon)

(Visit www.rock.co.za/radio) for more details.

In Other News



The four girls from Running With Scissors have once again proved that 'chick rock' is not a passing fad and is indeed here to stay! Having just spent their 12th week on the 5FM High 5 @ 5 charts with their single Hanging On The Telephone, they are getting ready to spread their music far and wide with a national tour in March and April.

Songs like Losing Faith, Hanging On The Telephone, Can't Say No and the new single Womb have seen their television exposure shoot through the roof and the band is touring relentlessly with the strength of their debut album 'Beautifully Bruised' backing them all the way.

The new video for Womb, was shot and edited by guitarist Jackie and will be serviced to all television programmes at the end of February.

Gigs for March and April include the Carnival City Rock Concert, The Lido Rock Festival, SPCA Charity Fundraiser, Durban's Wavehouse and a host of other national clubs.

The girls are currently writing material for their second album, currently using the working title Rock, Paper, Scissors and preparing for the pre-production to take place with a variety of producers including Jon Buckley from Jo Day fame and Will Loots from rock outfit Soul Proxy.

Catch lead singer Caroline Hillary on Channel Go's Meltdown, in late February, with a dedicated show of the singer's musical influences.

2006 belongs to Running With Scissors!

Download mp3 of 'Can't Say No' from Mweb.
Astral Daze
Psychedelic South African Rock 1968-1972

Astral Daze

A new Retrofresh compilation has just been released. 'Astral Daze - Psychedelic South African Rock 1968-1972' features 18 classic, rare and obscure tracks (16 of which have never previously officially been released on CD before). This CD was compiled by Benjy Mudie and Brian Currin with major input from SA rock collector Tertius Louw.

  1. The Whip - Suck
  2. Astral III - The Invaders
  3. The Boy And The Bee - Omega Limited
  4. Straight Ahead - Otis Waygood
  5. My Back Feels Light/What Can You Say - Abstract Truth
  6. The Eagle Has Landed - Dickie Loader with Freedom's Children
  7. You Keep Me Hanging On - The Flames
  8. Blurry Visions - Buzzard
  9. Fire - The Third Eye
  10. Predictions - Hawk
  11. Kafkasque - Freedom's Children
  12. Blue Machines and Dreams - Bryan Miller's Destruction
  13. The Mad Professor - John and Philipa Cooper
  14. Cathy Come Home - The Fireflies
  15. Morning Light - Tidal Wave
  16. Race With The Devil - The Bats
  17. Magic Dragon - The Idiots
  18. Birds Flying High - McCully Workshop

Get it online here or from Sugar Music / Mabu Vinyl in Cape Town. Phone Sugar at 021-423-7635.
Rare Earth - Rare Earth

Rare Earth

Great Funky Swamp Rock (5 stars)
by Brian Currin

This imaginatively titled album is a collection of greatest hits re-recorded by the 2004 line-up of Gil Bridges, Randy Burghdoff, Ivan Greilick, Mike Bruner and Floyd Stokes. I emailed Gil Bridges in December 2005 and this was his reply: "The recording is the current band the exact way the show is played today." So if you are looking for a compilation of Rare Earth originals then this is not it.

However, as much as I normally dislike albums that feature tracks "re-recorded by at least one member of the original group", especially if it was only the tambourine player, this is a wonderful CD featuring Rare Earth classics given a new lease on life. All these songs are just so funky and they really groove and stand up well against the originals.

I downloaded the whole album (legally from eMusic.com) and I really don't regret it. 'Get Ready' features a drum solo and is my favourite song off this album, but all of them are great.


1. Big Brother [5:14]
2. Born To Wander [7:03]
3. Papa Was A Rolling Stone [7:01]
4. Ma [7:32]
5. Tobacco Road [7:44]
6. Losin' You [12:41]
7. Get Ready [13:31]
8. I Just Want To Celebrate [6:36]
9. Big John [7:45]

Read more

All the news is archived in the News Archive

Wow - It's time to come down to earth! So much has happened these past six weeks or so and I've been so engrossed with the happenings at 1485 Radio Today (also on DStv Audio Channel 70), that I've almost forgotten that  a new RockIt Scientist newsletter is long overdue! As a result this newsletter will (thankfully!) be quite short. 
Many of you will by now be very aware that some of South Africa's best and best known jazz, blues and rock presenters have joined the station. Chris Prior, Rafe Lavine, Phil Wright and David Blood, all with pedigrees as long as your arm, joined the station at the beginning of February and the face of radio in South Africa changed overnight! We're now into our fourth week of the Look & Listen sponsored Rock Fest on 1485 Radio Today and it's been an incredible experience to hear these seasoned jocks and their excellent musical choices on air again!
I won't repeat the various programmes and their days and times again here, as they've been sent to (most of) you during the course of the past few weeks, but you can visit www.rock.co.za/radio to see who's playing, and when. Note, however, that The RockIt Scientist has now moved to a Friday evening between 10.00pm and midnight, with the show repeated on a Tuesday evening between 11.00pm and 01.00am
The bottom line is: if you're a South African or foreign band/artist and if you'd like to get your music played on radio in this country, please feel free to contact me at leon@rock.co.za and I'll do what I can to make sure that the right jocks get the right music to play on their shows.(or, if you prefer, you can contact the guys personally at their email addresses shown below). The days of a dance or pop jock getting a Gary Moore or Black Sabbath CD to play on his show are gone, as are the days of a hard rock deejay like Phil Wright getting a sample of the latest cd by some instantly forgettable techno, pop, hip hop or dance dork or of a Chris Prior getting and playing the new Wet Wet Wet album! 
Remember that you will not hear those frustrating and demeaning words ''your music does not fit our format" on The Rock Fest on 1485 Radio Today (unless it's techno, dance, kwaito, hip hop or pop, that is! What a stunning turnaround, hey??) And also remember that none of this would have been made possible if it weren't for the open, accommodating and progressive attitude of station CEO Dr. Ivan May.
The official launch of The Rock Fest on 1485 Radio Today was held on Wednesday 15th February at the studio's premises in Johannesburg. It was very well attended by musicians, media and music industry people and it was a great success. Very exciting Pretoria-based progressive rock band Mantis , who, if all goes well, may be leaving the country to record an album in Spain under the wing and guidance of Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep, Blackfoot, etc), entertained the crowd with their brand of powerful yet melodic and well constructed music.
Listen out for a live interview with the band on The RockIt Scientist on Friday 10th March!! 
Christina Kennedy of The Citizen newspaper very kindly did a fantastic front page write-up of the exciting happenings at
1485 Radio Today on Monday 20th February, as did Charles De Olim of The Star (appeared in the Tonight edition dated
06th February). (You can view the write-ups on The RockIt Scientist website (News Archive).
Thanks must also go to Howard Lazarus and staff of Look & Listen, Barney Simon, Shiloh Noone, Benjy Mudie, PRO Anthea Johnston, Kai Von Pannier and Tanya van Agthoven of Greenbox Productions (www.greenboxproductions.com), Morne Zeelie, Alex Jay, Jo Day and many others for their support and encouragement.
Rock music has definitely found a home at 1485 Radio Today (also on DStv audio channel 70!)
If you'd like to contact Chris, Phil, Rafe or Dave, here are their email addresses:
Chris Prior - chris@rock.co.za
Phil Wrightphil@rock.co.za
Rafe Lavine - rafe@rock.co.za
David Blood - david@rock.co.za
Favorite albums lists:
Remember  to keep those Top 30 albums of all-time lists coming (send them via the "Contacts" page, where they can later be viewed on the "Feedback" page). If you'd like to add anything to your lists (top guitarists, bass players etc), please feel free to do so. (You can also email them to me at leon@rock.co.za
As always, thanks to webmaster Brian Currin, who wastes no time in posting the playlists on the website. You may find, however, that the full write-ups for a particular week may take a bit longer than normal to appear. This is purely due to time constraints, as it takes a while to compile all the info. The actual featured playlist for the week will be up as soon as possible, though, so you will still at least be able to see what was featured in the meantime.  
If you have details of any forthcoming gigs or happenings, please let us know and we'll do what we can to help by punting them for you. If you are a venue owner/manager, please provide us with address and contact numbers, as well as band/artist line-ups, dates, cover charge, etc. 
If you're in a band and would like your gigs mentioned on the show, please email me your details/dates, etc at least a week, if possible, before the gig(s). (leon@rock.co.za)
Gig info can be found on the RockIt Scientist website's newly designated "Gigs" page.
New Releases
The following are just a SNIPPET of the many new or recent releases/re-issues you can hear on The RockIt Scientist.
Salas - Salas (2006 - Salas 3359)
Salas is vocalist/guitarist Jerry Salas, previously with US Latin Rock outfit El Chicano, who he joined in the early to mid 70's. This is his first solo album and it features the likes of Bob Robles on guitar, Louie Ruiz on bass, Sal Rodgiguiz, Dave Lopez, Jerry Angel and Jeramy Burchett on drums and percussion, Fred Mandel and Vick Buxton on keyboards, with horns and reeds by Dan Osterman, Rick Keller and Todd Simon. Salas' daughters Amanda and Sara are on backing vocals and Cisco Deluna (related to El Chicano's John Deluna?) is on slide guitar.
Jerry Salas' guitar playing and vocals with El Chicano were fantastic and the tradition has continued with this great album. He has a very accessible, fluid style of playing and his songwriting is second to none. The album kicks off with the powerful Latin sounding horn-tinged "Drive" and moves on to some very tasteful ballads and rockers, with the stand-out tracks being ''Shut Up (And Let Me Love You)" with it's reggae-esque feel, "Blood To Blood", "Hiding My Emotions" (which was featured on The RockIt Scientist on 24 and 28 February, and again on 03 March), "Best Of Your Life"(with stunning lead vocals by Sara Salas) and "Because Of You".
All in all, a fantastic effort from a very talented and gifted individual who is certainly worthy of international acclaim and recognition. The CD can be purchased via www.jerrysalas.com or www.cdbaby.com
Jackson Browne - Running On Empty (2005 - Elektra Entertainment Group -  Elektra/Rhino 8122-78283-2) 
Undoubtedly one of the best re-issues of 2005. This very famous and legendary album, which was originally released in 1977, and which featured well known musicians such as Lee Sklar (bass), Craig Doerge (keyboards), Danny Kortchmar (guitars) and Russ Kunkel (drums), who were collectively known as The Section, has been re-issued in a double CD/DVD combo, with the DVD featuring the entire album in 5.1 Surround Sound, plus video montages of "Running On Empty" and "Tour Photo Album", together with lyrics, weblink and photo gallery.
As far as classic albums go, this is one of the most important ever released, and this fantastic re-issue has done justice to an album that did very well on the charts and which is still highly regarded today.  
Jade Warrior - Released (2005 - Repertoire Records - REPUK 1052)
On the subject of re-issues, you could do a lot worse than get hold of the fantastic limited edition classic album cardboard 
replica re-issues that've been released by the German Repertoire Record label.
Many people feel that, whilst the advent of CD has enabled those who missed out on these albums when they were first released back in the 70's to finally hear all this great music, the regular CD issues don't have the impact, visually, of the sometimes stunning artwork that went into classic albums such as Beggar's Opera's "Pathfinder", Ramases' "Space Hymns", "Dr. Strangely Strange's "Heavy Petting", Nucleus's "Elastic Rock", both May Blitz albums, and many more, most of which, incidentally, were released on the collectible Vertigo "swirl'' label.
Albums such as Humble Pie's self titled third album (originally released on A & M Records), Spooky Tooth's "It's All About",  "Two", "The Last Puff" and ''You Broke My Heart So I Busted Your Jaw" albums (all originally released on Island Records), and a whole bunch of others, have also been released by the label. The limited edition cardboard replicas, complete with original poster-covers, are stunning, and are highly collectible. Repertoire have done an excellent job in releasing around 40 to 50 collectible classic albums, all of them remastered and, in most cases, with bonus tracks, in their original form.
Jade Warrior's "Released" album, originally issued on Vertigo in 1972, was the second album from this incredible UK progressive rock band which featured Tony Duhig on guitar, Jon Field on percussion, congas and flute, Glyn Havard on bass and vocals, Allan Price on drums and Dave Conners on saxes and flute. The album was originally issued on CD by the now defunct Line Record label in 1988. The Repertoire re-issue is a masterpiece, complete with full-on poster cover, lyric sheet, band history and original Vertigo label. Musically? You don't need to ask - just get the album - only 2,500 copies have been issued! The band's self-titled debut album has also been given the re-issue treatment, by the way.
Tony Martin - Scream (2005 - MTM Music 0681-149)
Regular RockIt Scientist/Dinosaur Days listeners will be quite familiar with Tony Martin, formerly of Black Sabbath fame. Undoubtedly one of hard rock's finest vocalists, he joined the Sabs in the mid to late 80's, appearing on their "Eternal Idol" album in 1987. Ever since Ozzy left the band in the late 70's, Sabbath had mixed fortunes with vocalists, with the likes of Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Jeff Fenholdt (ex- Joshua) and Rob Halford joining the band at various times and appearing on albums such as "Heaven and Hell", "Mob Rules", "Live Evil" and ''Dehumanizer"(Dio), "Born Again" (Gillan) and "Seventh Star" and "Eighth Star" (aka "The 1996 Dep Sessions")(Hughes). Ray Gillen, Rob Halford and Jeff Fenholdt didn't feature on any Sabbath albums.
Tony Iommi really found a gem in Tony Martin. He was arguably the best vocalist Black Sabbath ever had, and he appeared on further albums such as "Headless Cross" (1989), ''Tyr" (1990), "Cross Purposes" (1994), "Cross Purposes Live" (1995) and "Forbidden" (1995). Martin released his first solo album, the difficult-to-find "Back Where I Belong" in 1992 (featured recently on The RockIt Scientist), and he has also worked with the likes of Italian guitarists Dario Mollo and Aldo Giuntini in The Cage and in The Giuntini Project, amongst others.    
This second solo album is Tony Martin at his best! With his son Joe Harford on guitars (a serious talent if there ever was one!) and ex-Quartz and Sabbath buddy Geoff Nichols on keyboards, Martin handles bass, drums and violin himself, which alludes to the fact that we're dealing with a highly skilled and talented all round musician (although the late Cozy Powell is also featured on some drum patterns that were recorded back in the early 90's when Martin and the now sadly late Powell worked together in Cozy Powell's Hammer).
Tony Martin has few equals in the vocal stakes and his songwriting is superb. "Scream" is an essential addition to the collection of any serious hard rock aficionado.    
The Eighteenth Day of May - The Eighteenth Day Of May (2006 - Transistor Records)
This London-based folk-rock outfit who play "heavy traditional music", are a revelation! Think of a combination of Fairfield Parlour, Mostly Autumn, Wolfstone, Blue Horses, Pentangle and of Fairport Convention, and you have TEDOM (short for The Eighteenth Day of May). The band is comprised of Ben Phillipson on guitars, Mark Nicholas on bass, Richard Olson on guitar & sitar, Allison Brice (Cotton) on vocals & flute and Karl Sabino on drums & percussion. They're one of the most exciting folk-rock bands around today and they've been attracting praise from many quarters. A band to keep an eye out for.
Astral Daze - Psychedelic South African Rock 1968 - 1972 (2005 - Fresh Music - FreshCD148)
This single CD compilation, which was produced by Benjy Mudie and RockIt Scientist webmaster Brian Currin, features 18 tracks of long lost gems from some of the best and best known bands in South Africa during the late 60's and early 70's.  Featured bands include Suck, Freedom's Children, Abstract Truth, Otis Waygood, The Flames, Buzzard, Hawk, Third Eye, The Invaders and others.
Fresh Music has been instrumental in releasing classic albums by many of these bands, complete with rare photos, extra tracks and comprehensive liner notes, during the course of the past seven years or so.
G3 - Live in Tokyo (2005 - Sony BMG - Epic 82876742442) 
Hardly hot-off-the press stuff, that's true, but this fantastic double cd deserves a mention purely by virtue of the fact that many RockIt Scientist listeners have expressed an interest in it. Joining guitarists Joe Satriani and Steve Vai is Dream Theater's John Petrucci (and not Eric Johnson, as a few people thought!). Satriani and Vai are seasoned and respected professionals in their own right and both have released many excellent albums. Berklee College of Music graduate Petrucci is a fantastically talented guitarist who co-founded Dream Theater in the late 80's.
CD 1 features individual performances from Petrucci and Vai, whilst CD 2 features Satriani on his own, with the three of them doing great versions of "Foxy Lady", "La Grange" and "Smoke On The Water", as G3. Other featured musicians are Mike Portnoy, Jeff Campitelli and Jeremy Colson on drums, Billy Sheehan, Dave LaRue and Matt Bissonnette on bass, and Dave Weiner and Galen Henson on rhythm guitars. Tony MacAlpine, on guitar and keyboards, features with Vai.
War - Live in Concert (2005 - MRA Entertainment - D0667)
Not the best recording in the world, but as video/dvd material from this great band is pretty scarce, this is the best you'll get. Recorded in Halifax, England on April 9th, 1980, some of the featured tracks include "Spill The Wine", ''Low Rider", "Cisco Kid", "Gypsy Man" and "Why Can't We Be Friends". And no, Eric  Burdon doesn't appear with the band! Incidentally, this is the same Australian label that brought out the Blood, Sweat & Tears "Live in Concert" DVD.
Carl Verheyen Band - Live in L.A (2005 - Provogue PRDVD 7159 7)
Carl Verheyen is an excellent blues/rock guitarist who's been around for quite a few years. Essentially recording under his own name, he's also featured with Supertramp, although he seems to be far more comfortable as a soloist, having released  a number of albums. One of the better players around, he has a pleasant, flowing style and he has a great voice. His band, which is comprised of Cliff Hugo, Bernie Dresel and special guest Jim Cox, is also very good.
Various Jazz Artists - The Music Of Jimi Hendrix (2005 - EuroArts DV-JJHTRIB)
If the idea of jazzed-up versions of classic Hendrix numbers such as "Voodoo Chile", "Manic Depression", ''Third Stone From The Sun" and others fires your jets, then you need to get this DVD! Recorded at The Jazz Open in Stuttgart in July 1995, this great DVD features the likes of Jack Bruce, Cassandra Wilson, Terry Bozzio, Victor Bailey, Trilok Gurtu and a host of others.
Steve Winwood - Live in Concert (2005 - Koch Vision - KOC-DV-6247) 
One of rock's most professional and respected musicians, recorded live at Soundstage in 2003. Steve Winwood's career spans well over thirty five years. He's worked with The Spencer Davis Group, Blind Faith, Traffic, Stomu Yamash'ta and many others, and he's also released quite a few solo albums. He's an accomplished and very recognizable vocalist and a mean Hammond B3 player to boot, and he positively cooks on this great DVD, the recording of which is flawless!
Bits and Pieces
The UK's prestigious monthly Classic Rock magazine is undoubtedly one of the classiest and finest music magazines in the world. It's packed with expertly written new CD/DVD/Music Book reviews, articles, special offers, gigs, adverts and the like. The magazine has been around for a number of years and it's built up a reputation as being THE most respected music mag amongst music aficionados. 
Tel:  0207 317 2600
Fax: 0207 317 2686 
Rock Record 7, by Terry Hounsome, is possibly the most comprehensive and informative music reference book you're likely to find anywhere. Visit www.recordresearcher.com for downloads and more information about ordering this unbelievable piece of work that's invaluable to any record collector/music lover. You'll be astounded as to the amount of effort and research that's gone into his work. RockRom 10 CD-ROM is also now available.
Music/DVD Stores
Visit Look & Listen stores nationwide for a fantastic range of cds, dvds gaming, MP3's and accessories. They are the leaders when it comes to service and range of products, and if they don't have what you're looking for, they can order it for you.  
Contact Wayne Hampton at Compact Discovery, Edenvale (011)609-0624 or 0837980525 for the more obscure and hard to find music you'll hear on The RockIt Scientist. 
Mabu Vinyl is one of Cape Town's best music stores and is situated in the city opposite the Long Street Baths at the top of Long Street. Here you can find a wide range of new and second hand LP's, 7" and 12" singles, CD's, DVD's, videos, music cassettes, magazines, books and more. Mabu also stocks a full range of the RetroFresh catalogue, some Rhythm Records titles (i.e. Fokofpolisiekar), as well as harder to find SA CD's like Sharkbrother, Off The Edge, BlueScream and a large range of current releases by SA independent artists like The Wild Eyes, Captain Stu and the Llamas, Mind Assault, Polstar, Lark and others. We also buy records, CDs and DVD's. Contact Stephen Segerman of Sugar Music with any requests or questions at the shop (021 423-7635) or email mabu@sugarmusic.co.za
Collectible/rare cd junkies in the Knysna area can visit The CD Hut, Shop 27/28, Pledge Street Square, 48 Main Road, Knysna. Contact Steve and Anne De Meuse on 044-382-5939 or stephanne1852@yahoo.com. If you happen to visit this beautiful part of the country, The CD Hut is a great place to browse through if you're looking for that elusive CD or DVD. Steve, Jeff and Anne are very knowledgeable and friendly and will no doubt be able to introduce you to some great music.  
(Note: the store opens at 9.30am and closes at around 4.00pm, Mondays thru Fridays. Saturdays until around 1.30pm).
If you're in Cape Town, visit "Vibes Vinyl". This is a vinyl-only shop, run and owned by Alan Hilton, a respected and very knowledgeable vinyl and music collector. Alan also owns "Vibes", one of the country's best music stores. 
(Contact 021-683-5676 or vibesvinyl@mweb.co.za)
For great second hand and new CD's, DVD's, LP's and Videos, visit "MicOgram" in Northcliff (Pick 'n Pay Centre, Beyers Naude Drive & Milner Street, Northcliff, Gauteng. Tel: (011) 782-4275 - Derek) or at FNB Bank City, shop C11, I First Place, FNB Bank City, Simmonds Street, Joburg City, Gauteng. Tel: (011) 492-2975. or 0833013234 - Jeff)
(CD's/LP's/DVD's/Videos also urgently needed!)
Benjy Mudie ("Rock of Ages" on Radio 2000), on Thursday evenings between 20H00 and midnight).
Shiloh Noone ("Blues and Variation" on Fine Music Radio 101.3fm), in the Cape area, on Wednesday evenings between 22H00 and midnight). Check out Shiloh's book, ''The Seeker's Guide To The Rhythm of Yesterday". 
Barney Simon ("Night Zoo") on Tuksfm.
Check out www.rock.co.za/radio for listings and programmes.
If you'd like to hear music from bands/artist that generally don't get airplay on other stations, why don't you email the various stations and ask them to consider playing music you'd like to hear?
Here are some contact emails:
And lastly, of course, please remember to tune in to The RockIt Scientist Show on 1485 Radio Today, every Friday evening between 10.00pm and midnight, with the show repeated on Tuesdays between 11.00pm and 01.00am. If you have DStv, it's also available on Audio Channel 70. 
The RockIt Scientist Website address again: www.rock.co.za/rockit. Email leon@rock.co.za

All the news is archived in the News Archive
The gig info is now here

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